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Narwhal Tusks For Sale

Narwhal TusksOur narwhal tusks are harvested in the Canadian High Arctic by Inuit Hunters, generally in the waters surrounding Baffin Island.

Narwhal tusks generally range of size from 3 to 8 feet (90cm to 240cm), but on rare occassions are larger.

Complete Narwhal Skeletons are also available; please contact us if you are interested.

As with all natural products, the quality and value of narwhal tusks varies. Questions asked to assess the quality and value of a narwhal tusk include:

  • How long is the narwhal tusk?
  • Is the narwhal tusk straight or curved?
  • Has the tip of the narwhal tusk chipped or broken off during the life of the narwhal?
  • Is the spiral of the narwhal tusk subtle or pronounced?

Narwhal tusks are objects of natural beauty, and on their own are suitable for display. The whole narwhal tusk can be incorporated into artwork or sculpture, or the tusk can be divided into sections suitable for use in ivory art.

RARE Long Narwhal Tusk   RARE Long Narwhal Tusk

Order Narwhal TusksAll narwhal tusk orders come complete with any required documentation, such as:

  • CITES Export Permits
  • Marine Mammal Transportation License
  • Veterinarian Certificates

If narwhal tusks are being transported within Canada, then only a Marine Mammal Transportation Licence is required. The Marine Mammal Act forbids this item to be exported to the USA or other countries that have laws forbidding imports of certain animal parts.

Order Narwhal Tusks

To order narwhal tusks, please contact us for information about our current stock and prices.

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